When a business fails, some see only ruin. We see restoration.

As an attorney, you know the value of a solid reputation that has been earned through years of practice. When matters get complex in a court case, you rely on intimate and detailed knowledge of the law to give you a competitive edge—particularly when millions of dollars and the livelihoods of employees are at stake.

The same is true for a workout situation. Anyone managing a troubled asset that’s being staged for sale is dealing with problems on many fronts. These include insufficient cash flow, low morale among employees, vendors unwilling to extend credit and skittish customers. You need a trusted advisor who understands how all aspects of the business—accounting, management, finance, marketing and sales—need to mesh in order to best preserve assets.

When a situation clearly calls for a court-appointed receiver to take over the operation, you can rely on Amicus Management as the most experienced and best qualified. We’ll do the heavy lifting in reporting and communication, saving you considerable time and trouble.

Amicus Management has successfully accomplished hundreds of workouts and asset sales. These include but are not limited to hotels, restaurants, other retail businesses, industrial concerns, multifamily properties and mobile home communities. Our case studies provide a small sample of the type of work we can do for you.

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