Debt Purchasers

You know that purchasing bank debt at a discount on a distressed asset can be a rewarding but risky proposition that isn’t for the faint of heart. There are uncertainties in just about every aspect of purchasing debt from a lender, from making sure due diligence on the property is sound to gaining the cooperation of the property owner or replacing management to maintain the value of the asset during the transaction.

Amicus Management can be your seasoned guide in any or all of the turns that purchasing debt on a building, business or distressed asset can take. The experienced professionals at Amicus Management can help reduce the risks of purchasing debt by performing thorough due diligence, developing plans with reasonable timelines and milestones for transactions to be consummated, and managing properties effectively while ownership is being transferred to preserve and enhance the value of the assets.

As your trusted advisor, Amicus Management will call on its strong relationships in the workout and receivership industry. We employ tried-and-true procedures to help smooth your way to a profitable transaction.

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