Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

When a business fails, some see only ruin. We see maximum recovery.

When faced with the difficult situation of recovering assets from a troubled loan and a trouble borrower, you need an experienced adviser to maximize asset value and expedite a salvage plan. You need someone in your corner who can explain options and consequences, develop the right strategy, and take action to preserve the maximum value for all assets—even intangibles like goodwill—and bring order to the most chaotic circumstances.

Since 1993, Amicus Management and its affiliates have put together and implemented hundreds of specialized workout plans, from serving as a court-appointed receiver that can sell assets directly to new owners without the need of a lengthy foreclosure process to acting as liquidator in a bankruptcy proceeding.

Amicus Management can help you obtain maximum net cash value in a workout or court-appointed receivership by maintaining the underlying asset value of the distressed business. Our case studies provide a small sample of the type of work we can do for you.

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